Bespoke design & manufacture allows for machines of between 2 & 12 outlets.

This system utilities multiple miniature general purpose nozzles to ensure no dripping between deposits & to guarantee a spill-free deposit.

Best suited to smaller deposits of up to 100ml per outlet.

Typical applications include syrups & spreads, dips pots, sachets & bottle filling in both hot & cold fill.

Throughput of 30 cycles per minute achievable (30 cycles x 8 outlets = 240 fills per minute). 

Machine features

  • Always stainless steel & FDA approved materials construction
  • Single machine drive
  • Multiple product bores each with individual weight adjustment
  • Overhead bulk hopper or manifold
  • A range of nozzles available from stock

Micro Lane Fill Depositor

Multi Outlet Depositor

Quick & Effective

Micro Fill depositor, manufactured for one of our best, local customers. An 8 lane Micro Fill depositor, manufactured to fill 25ml deposits of sauce.

Best Quality Product

Manufactured by Winyards Engineering.

Fully Customisable

This multi-lane type design can be modified from 2 � 12 deposit outlets with a nozzle pattern to suit your requirements. Please contact us for further

Efficient Design

Clean efficient design with spill free capabilities,making for a clean and hygenic enviorment for the food manufacturer.

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