Volumetric filling machine - Unifill

The unifill machine is designed to accurately dispense a range of dry and semi dry products such as rice and pasta meals, salad and vegetable products and many more.

Designed with an emphasis on minimal product degradation, ease of use and cleaning.

Available in single and twin lane models with throughput of up to 80 fills per minute.

Filling weight range up to 1000 grams per cycle (multiple fill optional).

Standard Features.

  • Stainless steel and food grade materials construction.
  • Mitsubishi PLC with recipe menu selection.
  • Externally mounted operator interface with password protection.
  • Foot pedal or automated filling control for indexing or continuous conveyor systems.
  • Pneumatic vibratory bulk hopper and product chute with amplitude control and flow restriction gates.
  • Height adjustable framework to suit various conveyor heights.
  • Mounted on swivel / locking castors for ease of movement.
  • Easily adjustable weight control with reference scale.
  • Pot mask facility to prevent product spillage.
  • Front and rear mounted Emergency stop switches.
  • Laser cut guards with interlocked hinged access doors.
  • Stainless steel inspection steps.
  • Minimal food contact parts for quick and easy cleaning.

Optional Features

  • Water spray feature to aid product flow.
  • Conveyor Latching.
  • Container Gating System.
  • Twin head available.
  • Machine can be orientated left and right handed

Food Products

  • Rice, pasta and cous cous, either cooked, dry or individually quick frozen.
  • Fruit, vegetables, proteins and salad products, cooked, dry or individually quick frozen sliced, diced or presented in a light oil or dressing.

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