Servo Rotary Filling Machine

A range of servo drive rotary filling and lidding machines designed for medium to high volume throughput. Platen based rotary system to dispense, fill and lid a wide range of packaging types with liquids and viscous semi-solid products. Although can be catered for other products or for more information on filling dry and semi dry products, please visit our Unifill page.

Rotary filling machine to operate with our current range of food depositors.

Typical throughput up to 80 pots per minute.

Standard Features

  • Programmable servo motor drive to eliminate product spillage during index cycle.
  • Stainless steel and food grade materials construction.
  • Pneumatically operated pot dropper with vacuum assistance.
  • 2 available filling stations with pneumatically operated pot lifting platforms.
  • Pneumatically operated lidding unit with vacuum assistance.
  • Pneumatically operated lid consolidation unit.
  • Pneumatically operated pot removal station.
  • Quick release stainless steel platens.
  • No pot, No fill, No lid sensing system.
  • Mitsubishi PLC housed within control enclosure.
  • Hinged access doors with safety interlocks.
  • Externally mounted operator interface with password protection.
  • Sealed edge PU take off conveyor.

Optional Features

  • Platens tailored to individual packaging styles.
  • Cold fill laser cut guards.
  • Hot fill guards with viewing panels.
  • Removable lower compartment sump tray.

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