Linear Filling Systems

A range of linear filling and lidding machines designed for high volume throughput.

Platen based index systems to dispense, fill and lid a wide range of packaging types.

The linear filling machine system is designed with an emphasis on production speed, coupled with a reliable, hygienic process.

Standard Features

  • Programmable index acceleration and deceleration to prevent product spillage.
  • Stainless steel and food grade materials construction.
  • Pneumatically operated pot denesters.
  • Filling stations tailored to packaging requirements.
  • Pneumatically operated lidding unit with vacuum assistance.
  • Pneumatically operated lid consolidation unit.
  • Pneumatically operated pot removal station.
  • Easily removable stainless steel or HDPE platens.
  • No pot, no fill sensing system.
  • Mitsubishi PLC unit housed within stainless steel IP65 control enclosure.
  • All access doors fitted with safety interlocks.

Optional Features

  • Platens tailored to individual packaging styles.
  • Laser cut guarding.
  • Single or multi lane format.
  • Discharge conveyor.
  • Open area for hand filling / inspection.
  • Machine length tailored to individual requirements.

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