Index Conveyor System

Written on Monday 6th April 2009

New Index Conveyor System


This Index Conveyor uses a "push bar" chain drive which may be single or twin index. Together with adjustable line speed programming. We have also implemented a "self centering" guide rail system into the conveyor to allow it to be adjustable for varying size pots/containers. The ranges are from 50mm (2") to 200mm (8") Using only one hand wheel positioned at the conveyor end. This together with optional extra retro fitted single or twin pot de-nesting system make this machine an affordable unit to speed up your production. For more information about indexing conveyors, please Click Here

(Above) The unique Guide Rail system for quick adjustment and easy setup of the production line.

(Below) The optional Winyard Pot Denester (Twin shown) fitted to the index conveyor system, a great benefit for speeding up production.

For more information on Index Conveyor Systems, Pot denesters or anything else we can help with please contact us by Clicking Here.

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