Cabbage Corer And Segmenter

Written on Tuesday 2nd August 2011

Cabbage Corer And Segmenting Machine

Winyard Engineering have introduced a new machine to our catalogue.

                Winyard Engineering were presented the task of manufacturing a machine which could segment a cabbage into 6 pieces and also remove the core. The “good” part of the cabbage would then be ejected from the machine into trays for further processing whilst the core would be ejected for disposal.

                Winyard Engineering were so impressed with how the machine worked we decided to add this one off machine to our permanent catalogue.

                The machine features a twin station which increases productivity whilst the machine can be operated by one person. The machine also has the capability of being able to be modified easily to cater for a variety of other fruit or vegetables.

                The machine can operate at speeds of up to 30 cycles per minute dependant on loading speed.

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